Friday, June 5, 2009

possibly the best 5 bucks I've spent in a while...

As far as entertainment goes, we don't do much around the Hydeen household. So many things cost money, and the one year we got a zoo pass we didnt' use it enough to think it was worth it. So, we settle for things like awesome sprinklers, our great park, and going to our friends' houses. because we all know that our friends always have cooler stuff than we do.

But yesterday (okay, so now it's not yesterday anymore bc this post has taken a while to write. it was on Thursday) we went to the circus. for five bucks. not each....TOTAL. adults were five bucks, kids 5 and under were free. it was so great! and I was so proud of my kids for not continuing to beg for water or pop or snow cones or big balloons or popcorn or elephant rides or pony rides or cotton candy or whistles or any of the other spectacular items available for a mere 3 bucks or more at the circus. I explained at the beginning that we weren't going to buy anything extra, and they never complained, even though EVERYONE else seemed to be enjoying something special. *a huge thanks to Praja though, for sharing her cotton candy so that the kids did get a little treat. :)

I had a video of them explaining what they saw at the circus, but it was very long and not very entertaining. :) So I decided to just summarize.

at the end of it all, this is what the kids had to say:

what it means: I have no idea what the "blue and white" part meant, but when I asked him if he liked the magic, the elephant, or the pigs, he replied, "I liked the magic elephant pushing the baby pig." In actuality it was a big (like, the biggest EVER, possibly confused with an elephant to a 2 year old) pig pushing the baby pig in the stroller, so I guess the 'magic elephant pushing the stroller' was his way of saying he loved the whole thing. :)

and now for Lillian's response:

what it means: even though my daughter is brilliant ;) she obviously is not ready to sit and learn in a kindergarten classroom. Preschool will be good for her. :) and, she's a fan of the quick change, and she learned a new word: wig.

So, if you ever have a chance to attend an outdoor "poor man's circus," go for it! Just remember your sunscreen, ice water, and extra cash if you want to be a cool mom, unlike me. :)

Here are some more pictures of our excursion:

Lillian, Josiah watching the balancing act, and me. :)

Brielle wondering why Alyse is poking her head in the picture.

The talented pigs

and, all the kids (except Brielle): Cury, Praja, Joel, Alyse, Lillian, and Josiah.


Angela Kim said...

miss you guys. josiah seems so old...and lillian too for that matter. and it looks like he's almost as tall as her?!?!

oh it's been way too long. can't wait to see you in july.

Gered and Gina said...

I love Josiah's shirt. :) One of my faves.

laura said...

i am laughing with tears in my eyes--that was so cute.