Wednesday, May 20, 2009

some now-and-thens of Tulip Festival

Then...(riding the ferris wheel with my cousin Julie, and Ang and Gina are below us)

and now...(riding a much more expensive ride, and where was the ferris wheel????)

Then...(thinking I was cool stuff with my cousin Kris)

and now...(Lillian thinking she is cool stuff with my cousin Kirs and her family, in the "princess carriage")

Then....(probably just about to get last place in a race during a high school track meet)

and now... (after getting 286th place (or something) after the 5K run)


and now.... (just as much love, not as much choke)

Then...(1987-Joel and me in our costumes my mom made)
and now...(Lillian in the same dress, different apron my mom made later)

Then...(my family dressed up for the Maurice Chruch centennial)

and now...(my family dressed up on the float for Tulip Festival)

man...time flies.


Anonymous said...

OK, I think it would have been only courteous to have asked my permission before posting that LOVELY photo of me from 19?? for the entire world to see. I remember walking with you on that day! Okabena in Worthington.


andrea said...

oh my goodness! I am AMAZED that twenty-something years later you are looking JUST AS WONDERFUL as you did at 19! I already can't say that about myself. be proud Kris! :)

Robyn said...

What a fun post Andrea!! You and your daughter look SO much alike!!

laura said...

wow, what a look back! those current faces look so similar to the faces back in the day. beautiful family-all of them!