Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Dancing Queen

Well, I guess she'd probably prefer Dancing "Princess." :)

I have to hurry...Dancing with the Stars is almost on. See, I've always wanted to be a dancer. And I keep thinking that maybe, just maybe, if I become famous, they'll want me on that show and I'll learn how. And I'll be a dancer. So I'm trying to think of how to become a celebrity. because I want to be a dancer, not a celebrity.

When I was little I wanted to be in dance. I never was. we didn't have the money I'm sure. I've been wanting to put Lillian in some sort of dance classes for a while now, but I didn't want to have to pay crazy amounts of money for the classes and the costumes they only wear once. I just figured she wouldn't be able to do it....and she'd grow up.... and write a blog post about not having enough money to take dance classes when she was little. :)

But I was recently talking to another mom at my church who's daughter takes classes at a Chrstian dance/martial arts studio. The classes are reasonably priced and the teacher makes the costumes so you don't have to pay so much for them! They focus on movement that is modest and focused on worship rather than performance. It sounded perfect!

I went home and told Steve, and he was all for it too! There is a guy that Steve works with who lots his wife to breast cancer around the same time my mom died. And this guy (also named Steve) has his kids in dance and stuff too, although they are much older than our kids. So anyway, the Steves talk often, and my Steve was telling him about this studio I had heard about. Turns out the couple who own the studio are very good friends of his, and he used to be on the board of trustees (or whatever) for their previous dance company. We couldn't believe it! (All you OC folk probably don't think it's that big of a deal, but this kind of thing never happens to us in Omaha.) :)

So we signed her up.

If you know my sweet daughter at all, she's not big on new things. :) So she was a little nervous at first, but her friend Emma came over and said "it's weawy fun in dere." and that was all it took!

AND if you know my daugher, you probably also know that she's not very coordinated. She has always been the kind of kid who could talk for hours about jumping and playing and skipping and running, and tumbling. But when it came down to it, she couldn't acutally DO those things. :) But there she was in her class, doing her very best to look like her teacher, and move so gracefully, and, well...be a ballerina of course. :) it was wonderful. beautiful.

And Lillian loved it.

And Josiah did too. He was quite proud of his big sister, and sat there by the door, opening it and closing it to check on her every few minutes. And when he got scolded for that, he just banged and banged on the windows to show his sister he was watching. and really, what could I do? I was nursing Brielle. and besides, it was kinda cute. :)

so her little shoes are in tip top condition. I hope they get lots of use. I hope she loves dancing. and loves tumbling. and loves worshipping. and if she doesn't love the dancing thing (like I want her to), then I hope she finds another way she loves to worship. And I'll get over it. :) and try again with Brielle.... :)

Thank you, Miss Diana, for your ministry.


Angela Kim said...

i had no idea you always wanted to dance!! good for you for signing her up. maybe one day when elliot's a wiggle she can be a balerina on a video with him :)

Renee said...

What a fantastic thing. I am in the same boat you are in about not wanting to pay so much $$ for those costumes. I also wanted to dance.. and I wish my mom would have paid for dance classes and all those costumes! So silly what little girls dream of. But, then again not really. :)

Angela Kim said...

love the new photos on the side. and wish i could see lillian in ballet. what a beautiful girl she is.

Amanda said...

Really cute post Andrea. I think every little girl dreams of being a pretty ballerina. :) She's beautiful like her mommy and indeed a pretty ballerina...

melinda said...

I feel like this was MY post. I will try very hard with my girls as well. and if I don't have girls...I hear boys don't get made fun of as much for being in dance in today's elementary schools. possibly.

monkey mama said...

I was going to be an olympic ice skater. Sigh. I don't know if my Lily will ever be in ice skating (I'm with you on the $$ and the costumes!), but I'm sure she'd love it, too. When we lived in a bigger city our church had a dance ministry - it was sooo cool! I'll have to look around some more in our small town...

And yes, our kids would totally be friends. Maybe Mason and Brielle could meet in college or something...ha ha! By the way, is Lillian's middle name Grace? Just a guess. Lily's is Faith. :)